Japanese, Tokyo based band Mary’s Blood, are a power metal band consisting of Eye, Saki, Rio and Mari. Although their music is very much of the here and now, the band wear their love of the 80’s proudly and share with that era, a gift of blending melody with tremendous power and precision. Whilst the stylistic influences may be clear, Mary’s Blood have forged their own raw unique sound which gives them their truest identity within the Japanese scene and singles them out as one of the best all girl hard rock/metal bands out there.

And these girls can really play, from Eye’s soaring vocals and Saki’s virtuoso guitar licks through to the fabulously solid backing and drive from Mari and Rio. It’s ingrained in everything they play and if you should need further proof, check them out in the live arena and you’ll witness Mary’s Blood reaching even greater heights.

The group have had numerous releases since their debut EP in 2011 and are currently promoting their 3rd album release, Fate which has had wide spread critical acclaim in Asia and beyond. Fate and their previous album, Bloody Palace are now being made available worldwide and if you love down, dirty, groovy and melodic heavy metal music played by fantastic female musicians with a fiery passion for what they do, then then these albums are an absolute must for any self-respecting fan of the genre!

With a move to new Japanese label Tokuma, Mary’s Blood released the album Revenant in 2018 and their latest opus Confessions on June 12th, 2019. The band continue to tour extensively and have cemented themselves as one of the best female power metal groups around.

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EYE (Ai)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: January 28th
Blood Type: A
Former member of Destrose


SAKI (Saki)
Position: Guitarist
Birthday: October 4th
Blood Type: AB
Former member of Destrose



RIO (Rio)
Position: Bassist
Birthday: November 3rd
Blood Type: O



MARI (Mari)
Position: Leader, Drummer
Birthday: December 2nd
Blood Type: A
Former member of Destrose



Confessions | LP | Japan Edition | Tokuma | 2019

Revenant | LP | Japan Edition | Tokuma | 2018

Fate | LP | US Edition | Sliptrick Records | 2017
Fate | LP | Europe Edition | JPU Records | 2017
Fate | LP | Japan Edition | Victor Entertainment | 2016

Bloody Palace | LP | US Edition | Sliptrick Records | 2017
Bloody Palace | LP | Japan Edition | Victor Entertainment | 2015

Countdown To Evolution | LP | Asia Edition | Nippon Columbia | 2014

Azure | EP | Asian Edition | Naked Sound | 2013

Scarlet | EP | Asian Edition | Naked Sound | 2012

0 -Zero- | EP | Asian Edition | R.J Record | 2011

Asia | Tokuma | 2019

Track list:
01. Labyrinth of the Abyss
02. Karma
03. アルカディア
04. Laylah
05. エイム
06. Hello
07. Mermaid Serenade
08. HIGH-5
10. VirtuaReaL
11. 贖罪の鐘~Requiem for the victims~

Asia | Tokuma | 2018

Track list:
01. World’s End
02. Tsukiyomi (ツキヨミ)
03. It’s Alright
04. Believe Me
05. On the Rocks
06. Rolling Start
07. Halcyon Days
08. Megami no sabaki (女神の裁き)
09. R.I.P.
10. Say Love
11. Take a Chance

Japan | Victor Entertainment | 2016
US | Sliptrick Records | 2017

Track list:
01 Counter Strike
02 Shall We Dance
03 Angel’s Ladder
04 Nautical Star
05 Chateau de Sable
07 Self-Portrait
08 In the Rain
09 Change the Fate
10 Endless Tragedy
11 Queen of the Night

Bloody Palace
Japan | Victor Entertainment | 2015
US | Sliptrick Records | 2017

Track list:
01 The Gate of Palace
02 Bite The Bullet
03 Crime and Punishment
04 Song for You
05 Ready to Go
06 Grayish World
07 Bloody Birth Day
08 I’m Dead
09 Sweet Trap
10 Infinite Love
11 Moebius Loop

Live At Liquid Room | DVD | Japan Edition | Victor Entertainment | 2017

Live at Blaze | DVD | Japan Edition | Victor Entertainment | 2016

Scarlet -2012 Live At O-West- | DVD | Asia Edition | Naked Sound | 2013

My Lastgame | DVD | Asia Edition | R.J Record | 2012

Live at Okubo Hot Shot | DVD | Asia Edition | Independent | 2011


Check out more videos on Mary’s Blood Youtube Channel …link

World’s End [Short Version]

Counter Strike [Short Version]

Live At Liquid Room [Long Trailer]

Bite The Bullet [Short Version]

Moebius Loop [Short Version]